Added Playlists/Albums are treated differently in My Library or in Qobuz

I found same Playlists or Albums were treated as different ones when clicked in from different places. For example, if I clicked a Qobuz playlist, say ‘New Releases’, in the pop-up menu under ‘Playlists’ tab and picked some track to play, there would be a now playing symbol on the left of the track. But if I click the same Qobuz playlist in Qobuz tab, it wouldn’t show now playing symbol. To me it feels like Roon thinks they are different playlists even though they are the same one. Same goes for Albums. In the albums I entered from my library, they will show “liked” symbol and playlists I added to below the track name, but if clicked the same album within Qobuz those things woundn’t show. Is this a bug or by design? Thanks!

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The album differences are because the Album view is showing the Roon library view whereas the qobuz view is showing qobuz only.

Thanks. I understand. But I would like to see consistency of the same album/playlist throughout Roon

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Qobuz content added to your library is treated differently than Qobuz content not in your library.

They are the same albums or playlists in Qobuz that l’ve already added to my library. I meant they behaved differently when accessing them from my albums/playlists page or from Qobuz page.

Found this explanation in the Knowledge Base:

"Why can I still see a version of this album that’s not in my library?

Once an album is added to your library you can make various edits and changes to the album. You may also only have a portion of the tracks from an album in your library rather than the full tracklist. For these reasons, we think it is important that you can still navigate to the original, unedited version of the album directly from the streaming service. By doing this you can add any missing tracks and see the album as it’s presented by the original service without any user made modifications."

Now it makes sense to me…