Added two new albums to my Qobuz favourites and [...]

… in Roon they are not showing in my library

hope this is the way Qobuz integration will work from now on but… fear it’s just a bug, right? :laughing:
oh… yes: both do show in “My Qobuz” as favourites

EDIT: wait… looks there’s something wrong on Qobuz side: can’t login to my account (via web) :no_mouth:

Hi @pl_svn,

Thanks for letting us know. If you can’t log in to the Qobuz account on their website, you might want to get in touch with Qobuz directly to ask them to take a look at your account.


Qobuz account (web) login working now

still no trace, in my Roon library, of an album added two days ago, to my favourites, via web :no_mouth:
(“Joni 75: A Joni Mitchell Birthday Celebration”)

then, as Qobuz is working fine for me too… the issue is probably within Roon

issue I had yesterday, for a few hours, was just with Qobuz website login, but streaming was working fine (as Qobuz app was)

those albums, added the day before to my favourites (via Qobuz website), do show, as I wrote, among favourites in Roon’s “My Qobuz” section but not in my Roon library. and they still do not
so… as Roon (usually) adds Qobuz favourites to library… :wink:

HI @pl_svn,

Can you please try to perform a manual sync of your Qobuz account? You can do this in Roon Settings -> Services -> Edit button next to Qobuz -> Sync Library Now. If it still does not work after a manual sync, a few screenshots showing the issue would be appreciated, you can post screenshots to Community by using these instructions.


hi @noris

done, but still…

Roon library:

Qobuz favourites:

Paolo - I’m looking at your screenshots, and something seems a little odd (to me). Since you are looking at (a) your Albums, sorted by date added, and (b) your Qobuz favourites (also sorted by date added by default), I would expect to see the same sequence of albums in both screenshots. They certainly are for my library.

And yet, they are markedly different in your library - there are extra Qobuz albums in your library that are not showing in the Qobuz Favorites screenshot. Which is even stranger when you consider that you’re saying that Qobuz favorites (e.g. the new Joni at 75 album) are not getting synced into your library.

Something is clearly wrong somewhere, but I’m afraid I haven’t a clue as to what it is.

hi @Geoff_Coupe

nothing odd: just the result of 1) Roon auto-adding favourites to library and 2) the way I have always used Qobuz favourites(*) (… since years before Roon even existed)

what you are seeing in my library’s screenshot is a mix of albums coming from: favourites added there by Roon (or better… just showing there, not actually added. but this is another story :roll_eyes: ), albums added by me to library from Qobuz (by clicking “Add to Library”) and albums (purchased files and CD rips) physically in my library (on a NAS)
so… just look at favourites in “My Qobuz” and compare that to what’s (or not) in my library :wink:

(*) I have always used Qobuz favourites as a temporary repository of albums I wanted to listen to before adding them to my library (purchasing, before Roon 1.5)
once evaluated an album I used to either purchase it (then, obviously, remove it from favourites) or just remove it from Qobuz favourites tout-court
fighting now with the way Roon treats favourites, as I want to still keep the above workflow which, in these last 6-7 years, has always worked great (for me)! :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean… Roon (and Audirvana which I was using in the past) has its own way(s) of “marking” an album as favourite (“pick”, “heart”, tags…) and this is something that stays!
Qobuz favourites is, to me, just a list of stuff I want to listen to. It should only contain a very few albums but… you know how it goes with “To Do” lists :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nope, still don’t understand.

Your albums in your library are all showing the Qobuz icon. Are you saying that some of these are purchased from Qobuz? That again is odd, because my albums purchased from Qobuz (and manually added into my library) do not show the icon - and this is what I would expect: streamed albums in the library should show the relevant icon of the streaming service (TIDAL or Qobuz), downloaded/ripped albums do not.

Geoff… you don’t see purchases/ripped CDs in that screenshot because library is sorted by date added and it’s some time now I don’t purchase/rip new albums :wink:

as I said:

  • I mark an album as favourite (usually on Qobuz website or using Qobuz app)
  • I listen to it
  • I either remove it from favourites or add it to my library then remove it from favourites

that’s why you only see albums with Qobuz’ logo: they’re either still in my favourites (and I would rather have them not showing in my library yet) or removed from favourites and added to library by clicking “Add to Library”

here, scrolling a bit in in the past, you go with a mix of favourites, added to library from Qobuz and purchases/rips:

I think you’re making a rod for your own back here (English saying, meaning that you’re making trouble for yourself). Roon has a bi-directional sync between the content of your library and “Favorites” in streaming services (TIDAL and Qobuz).

So anything that you add to your library will eventually get synced back to your Favorites, even if you have first removed it from Favorites…

it dos not at the moment (and I hope this is not a bug)
the day it will… I fear I’ll have to consider using another library manager/music player :disappointed_relieved:

Well, it will, so perhaps you should start looking. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You should always see the same list of content:

  • In your track/album favorites on Qobuz/TIDAL (meaning, in their apps)
  • In the My Qobuz or Your TIDAL Favorites sections in Roon
  • In your Roon library (under Tracks and Albums)

There may be times when the last category looks a little different – for example, because you chose to “hide” or edit a piece of content, or because Roon has detected duplicates and is only showing the “primary” version of an album.

But aside from those library-specific distinctions, this content should always be the same – anything added to your favorites in Qobuz or TIDAL should show up in the other two areas listed above, once syncing is complete.

I understand you want it to work differently, and we are considering some potential changes in this area, but I don’t have any news to share right now.

For the moment, your Qobuz favorites and Roon library should stay in sync. If you’re seeing otherwise, Support can definitely help, but we need to draw a distinction between “this isn’t working as designed” and “this design doesn’t work for me” – to be clear, both are completely legitimate but only the first one is a support issue.

ok, so… let’s put it this way: “this design that doesn’t work for me” “isn’t working as designed” :stuck_out_tongue:
this is the reason I posted, then the “talk” went another way :wink:

but it’s been just an instance with a couple of albums on a given day: it usually works the way it is designed to
also… solved the glitch by, as per my habits, manually adding to library the missing albums and removing them from my Qobuz favourites

I’ll keep an eye on it and report if/when it happens again

thank you so much @mike :slight_smile:

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