Adding a charts functionality

IMHO Tidal sucks with regards to current charts. I.e. Spotify is much ahead on this (tracks, albums, per country etc), allowing me to stay current, without picking up new stuff on my car radio.

As Tidal doesn’t seem to offer it with relevant quality, would it be an idea to add it into Roon?

But then on steroids, so not just todays charts, but able to go back in time, different styles, etc.

I support this idea. I have chart information in my tags and created views in jriver. A lot of work :slight_smile: It would be great when roon users would be able to share this kind of data. Great source for critics lists is

Funny that… we’ve licensed data from in the past.

However, his list is just 1 list, that is pieced together from other lists.

If I could find a good source for hundreds of lists around the world, I’d love to add support. Know anything?

Something like ?