Adding a "duplicate named" album but different file format to my ROON library

I have my files stored in 2 separate paths. Path A and Path B.
I have Santana Abraxus and Santana Santana in multichannel in Path A

I have just added Santana Abraxus and Santana Santana stereo versions to Path B.

I could not find them initially, but:

I have ticked the show hidden albums and they now appear under Santana.
However they do NOT show as newly added albums.

What exactly does show hidden tracks and albums accomplish, and why even if I change the metadata on the stereo albums they still won’t show up unless hidden albums is ticked. They seem to be automatically considered “duplicates”

Can anyone please explain this as I am adding stereo and multichannel versions all the time and this is creating some confusion to ROON.



Does this explain it?

Thank you for that link.

It explains it well.

I realise now that to make the “duplicate” (in this case Santana, Santana) appear as Added, I edit the title in ROON, NOT the metadata. I changed the title to Santana Stereo, and it appeared as a new added album. But is obviously no longer a duplicate!

Appreciated the help