Adding a Folder which contains additional folders within [Solved]

Basically I would like to Add the folder “Music Raw” to my watched folder list.
As you can see from the the attachment it contains folders within folders.
Roon does not seem to allow this.
Or do I have to drag every individulal folder within the main folder “Music Raw” to my watched fold list?

Any reason you have the sub folders set up as watched folders?

Maybe I’m missing it, but if you’re looking to import the whole Music Raw folder, that should be your watched folder, not the sub folders within it.

Let me know if I’ve missed something here. Thanks!

Exactly-as you and I described.
I must have missed a keystroke.
Music Raw is now entered as a watched folder.
Thank you!

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Although my Music Raw folder is now a watched folder it has not pulled in many of the sub folders ?

Hmm, we have seen a few cases lately where our file scanner is getting stuck on files that are particularly corrupt – it might be worth search your music folder for files that are tiny, like less than 5k.

We can also usually get a sense of what’s going on by looking over your logs – if you’d prefer to go that route, just send me a PM.

If you’re pretty sure this is about specific folders, rather than Roon failing to import everything, it would be good to know the names of the sub folders we’re not picking up, or to see a file or two we’re failing to import. Then, we should be able to figure this out.

Thanks and sorry for the trouble here @Jeffrey_Kenton!