Adding a Hifiberry DAC HAT

Hi all, I’m new to the RoPieee but I just configured a rPi 3 to work as a Roon endpoint. It works flawlessly.

However, I’d like a add a Hifiberry DAC HAT to it so I can use the endpoint without an external DAC sometimes. My question is, can I just install the HAT plug and play or do I need to re-flash the OS so it can reconfigure with the new hardware?


Just add the hat, and when you power up, go to the web interface and select the audio hat from the dropdown list. Ropieee will reconfigure and then require a reboot.


Nice, I’ll try it. Thanks.

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It’s magic, just works.

I have an rPi3 with HIfiberry DAC and use RopieeeXL (because others can also use Airplay or Spotify)
Works for me.

(By the way, I also have an rPi2 with an old Dragonfly DAC and RopieeeXL and works also fine.)

Definitely the cheapest balanced set-up I’ve seen…