Adding a NAS to the wired home network

I just want to check if i got the Sequence right .

1-So i have a home wired network and already Roon on my Windows 10 computer ( i7 ) - this the core , right ?
2-Now i want to add a Synology DS215j NAS - do i install Roon on the NAS also, as endpoint ?
- the harddisks ( raid 0ne ) are in SMB ?
- what about the IP address ? - i saw a topic about finding it but was for Mac
and it was for an already existing NAS on the network . When you add the
NAS after Roon is already on the computer how does it work regarding the
IP Address ?
3-then i connect - NAS ( already wire connected to the home network ) – Aries
4-use an 9 / 10 `` android tablet - with Roon Remote - to control / push to / stream music to the Auralic Aries

Hi Andrei,

  1. The Windows 10 Computer is Core, yes;
  2. The is no need to install Roon on the NAS. It is not an endpoint. Endpoints are devices that are sent an audio stream. Best practice regarding the IP address for the NAS is to give it a fixed IP address in your router, make a new watched folder in Roon specifying the network address for the music directory in your NAS.
  3. Not yet. The Aries needs a firmware upgrade to make it RoonReady before it will be recognised by Roon as a network zone. That is in the process of happening. The Software Developer Kit was released to Auralic this week. Mr. Wang told me earlier this year he thought it would take two months for Auralic to release firmware after that. Fingers crossed that it might be less. For now you can set the Aries to AirPlay and Roon will stream to it as an AirPlay zone (only at 44.1k res and a bit unresponsive).
  4. The Android tablet with Roon Remote will control the Roon Core and enable you to send music from the NAS to the Core (where it is processed) then to the router where it can be streamed by WiFi (Airplay now, RAAT later) to the Aries.

Hope that helps !