Adding a new folder adds a bunch of albums by that artist that were already in Roon

I bought 2 new records today--Neil Young's Homegrown and Bob Dylan's Rough and Rowdy Ways. I decided to add to Roon by adding the folder to he artist, so I can see it in the folder tree.

Instead of adding the new records, Roon RELOADED every record by these artists, destroying my favorites. To add insult to injury, it didn’t even add the new records. I had to try twice; the second time worked.

But it added a Roon import to the artist…

I restored from a backup, and order was restored, and weirdly, the new records showed up as well. I had thought that the backup would predate the new records, but I was wrong…

Please help.


Hello @Peter_Rustin and thanks for the details. Can you send me a screenshot of “Settings>Storage”? Let’s make sure your watched folders aren’t duplicated in there.

Hello @Peter_Rustin, is that your only watched folder?

As far as I know, yes. How can I find out otherwise?

Hey @Peter_Rustin, I just wanted to confirm that was the only watched folder on the screen since you didn’t send a full screenshot. As long as there’s nothing under the one you showed me then there isn’t another one. Can you send me a screenshot of the path to the issue tracks?

There are no other watched folders; not sure what you mean by the path to the issue tracks…
is it this…?

Argh. This did this again, with a new EP by the Gang of Four. HELP!!

Hello @Peter_Rustin, I ran this thread by the team again with the new information you provided (thanks, by the way!) and we wanted to know if you could produce a video of how you’re adding these tracks to Roon. That would go a long way in helping us understand what might bring on this behavior.

If you haven’t done this before, users usually create a video and post it unlisted on YouTube, leaving a link here. Thanks!

I’ll try. I need to get a folder of new music.

Ok, here goes. I tried to upload a ripped DVD. Suddenly, old records are new again. Some were messed up…

Hello @Peter_Rustin, are you able to capture a video of the process you’re using to upload these ripped CD’s? It would be much appreciated, thanks!

Dude The video is right above your post.

Here it is again.

You’re doing it wrong! :slightly_smiling_face:

You’re not copying the files into your Library (held on your Passport drive), you’re just adding the artist folder as yet another watched folder - so you’re getting duplicates showing up as new albums.

Frankly, I wouldn’t bother trying to tell Roon where to put the ripped files - just drag and drop and tell Roon to copy them into your Library. If you’ve got a dog, you don’t need to bark yourself…

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Or just have a Roon rescan after adding the album.

Personally I think drag and drop shouldn’t mean add to library, it should be play.

Yeah. Why fight it.

Hello @Peter_Rustin, my apologies, I must not have seen that video the other day. I will pass along the video and your feedback to our team for further consideration, but Geoff is correct. Let me know if dragging and dropping the files instead works better for you!

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