Adding a single Tidal track, followed by the rest of the album…. confusion

OK, so first the disclaimer - this could have been something I did wrong as I didn’t note down the steps properly, but also think I’ve come across it previously….

-Added a single track from a Tidal album to Roon (either because only one was available as a pre-release or a track, rather than album, was favourited in the Tidal Ap).
-At a later date, go back to add the entire album, but in Roon when you view the album, it shows it as a Tidal album in your library but with only one track, and then its unclear how you find the remaining tracks so you can add the whole album.

I think I managed to do it by searching for the artist/album another way (rather than hyperlink clicking from my library), and somehow found it in the Tidal section and could add it. Then there was a short while where it wasnt visible in Roon, and then after a few minutes it sorted itself out and the complete album appeared.

I think I’ve been in this position before, when I’ve tried to delete the single track so I can add the whole album, and it wasnt so straightforward.

I’ll try and re-create steps tonight, just wondered if anyone else experienced anything like this.

It doesn’t crop up often as I tend to add whole albums at a time, whereas my wife often adds single tracks, or albums when they are first released on Tidal with a teaser type track.

Any time TIDAL content is in your library, you can navigate back to the original, full album on TIDAL by clicking Other Versions, then View This Album On TIDAL.

Let me know if that helps Steve!

Thanks Mike - that definitely helps, although I don’t think I would have stumbled upon on that one intuitively….

i’ll try it out tonight…

I’ve had similar problems with Tidal albums. As with Steve, I did not write down the steps and am recollecting what happened from memory…

I Favorite a Tidal song. That adds the album to Roon, but the album only has the single track I favorited. When I later notice I don’t have the complete album, I view other versions and find the album in Tidal. When I add this album to Roon, I wind up with two albums: one has the original track I favorited, and the other has all the other tracks on that album. I’ve tried to use Manage Tracks to combine these into a single album, but I have not quite figured out how to make that tool work consistently. So I wind up deleting both albums from Roon, waiting a few minutes, then favoriting the Tidal album again. That gives me what I wanted in the first place. Surely there is a better way.

I’ve definitely had this situation. And I think my solution was the same - delete both, wait, wait, re-add as a whole.

I think if you just search TIDAL and add album from there all the tracks are shown. It is only when searching you own library that only the tracks you added are shown. Kind of makes sense.

I’m not able to reproduce this – when I add the full album it always joins them up as a single album.

Can you try again, and let me know if you’re seeing this consistently?

I just checked. After favoriting a Tidal track and getting the one-track album added to my library, when I look for other versions of the album and find it in Tidal, it has all the tracks. When I added that one to my library, it merges with my existing album such that I wind up with a single Roon album with all tracks, just as I would want it to. I haven’t done much Tidal track favoriting lately - perhaps this was something that was fixed in Build 102?

Ok, I hit this again tonight, perhaps someone can help.

A track had been favourited in the tidal desktop by my wife - perhaps it was the only track available at the time I’m not sure.

Even if I click other versions, or search and go through tidal artists results, I only ever see the single track. If I go outside Roon and use the tidal App, I can see the whole Album is available. I’ve got quite a few of these…

Any suggestions?

Single track shown in album. Click on other versions.

View that album.

No change.

View album on tidal App - all tracks visible.

It looks like she favorited the single – the album is called Visions of Us on the Land. I’m guessing the album will just show up on the artist page.


But I search for Damian Jurado, click on visions of us on the Land album, and it shows me an album with only a single track - the one thats already been favourited.

So it shows up, but always as an album with only one track - no matter which way I get to it - even via the artist page.

(FYI my wife tends to favourite albums where there is only a single track available at launch, or the individual track)
(edit: oh I see, in the screen grabs I’ve selected the track, but I’m sure I did the same with the album but had too many screen grabs - will check tonight)

Also had this two days ago.

Added song 10 “Let It Go” from Disneys Frozen album to library. Then played in childrens room.
Then added full album after a search. Result was two albums. Tried to merge, then had one album as a three disc set.

Fixed it by deleting both albums, do a clean db and then from Tidal favorite the full album.

Shows that you should always use kids when testing software, they will break everything!

OT: Roon can not find the metedata for the swedish version of the album but it is available in Tidal.

I’ll try to see if I can reproduce this. How did you add Song 10 initially? In Roon or TIDAL app?

@hifi_swlon – in all your screenshots, you’re looking at the Exit 353 single, not the full album. I would expect the full Visions… album to still show up on the artist page.

It might also be worth checking what’s marked as a favorite in TIDAL, meaning does this track show up as a favorite track or artist, and which album the favorite is part of.

Hi Mike.

Added both song and album from a search in roon.

Reason that I added from tidal in second round was that roon would not find the Swedish version. So added both versions from tidal in one go.

Thanks, Joachim

Hi Mike, yeah I edited above to say I did a load of screenshots but only posted a few, I’m sure I’d tried everything but its not uncommon for me to do something really stupid or detached from my own brain, so will follow up once I’ve checked. :wink:

(although in the screen grabs posted the ‘play album’ and ‘view album on tidal’ buttons would be a bit misleading for a single track?)

OK, so my mistake there, but in my defence there was some confusion…. honest.

In Album view the single that was added showed up with the title of the track that was added - same artwork as the album. And because it had references to play album and view album on tidal, i thought it was the album.

Anyway, went back to artist and down to album and added it, and I now have both.:slight_smile: I’m not sure when it was originally added if it was a single release or an album preview with one track….

Let’s agree to blame the band for their single’s uncreative artwork :wink:

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Agreed! :slight_smile: (Perhaps a ‘play single’ button is in order too ;))