Adding a song to multiple playlists. Can I add to several playlists at once?

When listening to a song that is not attached to any playlists can I attach it to multiple playlists at once or must I go through the add to playlist work flow and pick each playlist separately? Each song might be appropriate for a number of different playlists (I have many different playlists).

And how do I know I’m not adding it to a playlist where it is already in the playlist creating duplicates?

You can only add it to one at a time. Being able to add it to multiple playlists at once is probably a good Feature Request.

You should be able to turn on playlist inclusion on tracks in Settings. That way you can see which tracks are on which playlists.


Agreed, I’ve moved the topic over to #roon:feature-suggestions.

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Came here to make this request myself. I usually add a track to 2 or 3 lists at a time. Would be nice to do it all at once.