Adding a station

I’m trying to add, Laurel Canyon Radio, a steaming station out of Los Angeles. it is not listed on the available channel lists and the url I’m adding ( is not being found by Roon. Last year, on an old computer, per my request was able to get laurel canyon radio added to the list of stations by contacting them directly. I now had a new hard drive installed (virtually and new PC now), and again, I cannot locate the channel nor get the url I have able to be recognized by Roon. Any help in getting it on would be greatly appreciated. I’ve been told that there is a completely different url for streaming but have been unable to find. thanks Frederick

Hello @Frederick_Burkert1 , it’s there under locations/US/California - or easiest, search for Laurel Canyon with the magnifying glass.

(Adding that URL won’t work - it needs to be either a TuneIn one, or the actual audio stream)

Thank you for your help Brian. As you can probably tell, I’m loving Roon…just new to it! One click and my issue was solved!

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