Adding a Subwoofer

I want to add a subwoofer to my system. I run roon on my Nadac Player and have 2 speakers connected via cable. Now I would like to add a subwoofer to the mix, but cant connect it to my amplifier as all speaker ports are taken. So what are the best options to add a wifi subwoofer to the mix and how do I go about it?


What speakers are you using? And, what amp?

It’s a Swiss system - 4 Rowen Absolute Two stereo amps powering 2 Rowen A12 Bi-pol speakers in quad active mode…
i know, it is a bit crazy but bottom line all amp outs are taken… so hoping i could add an active subwoofer as second speaker system via roon…

I run a sub and simply wire it into the speaker posts. So long as the sub is active this is absolutely fine to do. For a single sub one wire goes to the right +be terminal, one to the left +ve terminal and one to the left -ve terminal. Exactly which wire depends on the specific sub.

If you want a recommendation; look to see if BK Electronics are available in your country and look at the XLS200. Superb sub for audio duties and BK used to make REL subs for them which REL just stuck the badge on so they have plenty experience!

Thanks very much - will have a look!!

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If you get a sub and need help setting it up just tag m3 in a post and I’d be happy to help.

Modern active subs can come with outs for speakers. You can attach the sub to the amped front outs of the amp and then connect the speakers to the outs of the sub.

For an example, see or where this is called “high-level in” and “high-level out”, respectively.

Great - Thanks. That should definitely work!!

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I was surprised to read that you would like to add a sub to Rowen‘s A12, which are powerful in the bass region and have a dedicated sub bass already integrated. I am curious to read about your experience with the „experiment“ to add a sub to this superb system. Could you please share your experience?