Adding a track to a matched album

Let’s try this edit metadata/unmateched album from another angle. I have a “three disc” high-res download of Oscar Peterson’s “Exclusively for My Friends”. It matches in Roon but with one exception. Roon has a medley of two songs as a single track when in fact they are two tracks. How can this be fixed currently? I’ve tried several methods, but haven’t been able to resolve this. It occurs in the middle of “disc 2”.

Hey @fritzg – we’re working on this, but at the moment it’s a known issue as discussed here.

Thanks. I’ve tried several angles to integrating this and other unmatched albums into Roon’s metadata, but can’t find one that works. I can’t force a match as in this case, and I can’t add genre tags to at least include the album in appropriate genre searches. Either one of these methods or possibly others would be a nice stopgap before full editing/grooming of metadata is an active feature. As it stands, a good deal of my 2700 albums are left out of the database that makes Roon such a nice option.