Adding Albums not shown in Album view [import date incorrect]

When I add a group of albums and view Albums by date added some of the albums I just added don’t show. When i view albums by name I can find them and they appear to be added?

By date means date of album release. So the albums you add can be anywhere on the released date timeline.

Have you tried by date added ?

This will show albums by…you can guess. Newly added albums will be at the front of the library.

I ment to say “sort by date added” not “sort by date”
Sort by date added show’s the album’s as i add them and clearly there are some that are not shown but do show up when i search for them by name. I use the “sort by date added” to confirm albums are added correctly

Can you give an example and check if it is a duplicate and whether duplicates are turned on or not ?

Ok the last import example.
The Monstercat Various Artists Series CD’s from Monstercat 001 to 027
When in “Sort by date added” Monstercat 025, 026, 027 doesn’t show.
When i change to “Sort by album Title” and scroll to Monstercat the albums are there and in numbered order.
They are not duplicate.

Ok…best to check if they got ID’d as a different album. This can happen with multi -CD sets like this. The 27 CD’s in your probably were also individual CD’s on first release.

Suggest you go to track browser. Select all. Export to Excel and then sort by folder path.

This will show you all the albums in that folder group along with what they are seen as in Roon.

It is like the Sooloos Interrogator Tools in xl if you ever used those.

I found the missing albums when in “Sort By Date Added” They were a couple of screens back? With albums i added a couple of days ago. Don’t know why they wouldn’t be grouped with the others?

Looks like another user was having similar symptoms and looks like the culprit was the import date attached to the files was wrong so some of the albums appeared they had been imported days ago.

Hi Robert,

I’ve added to the title of the thread to identify the issue. Is there anything you can think of that would group these albums together ?

Can you replicate the problem ? If you can describe the steps to do that then we can open a bug ticket and get it fixed.

The problem is the date stamp that gets associated to some of the albums. Example: a few will get a date stamp from a few days ago while the rest get a date stamp from today. Thats the reason i couldn’t see some of the albums when in “sort by date added” because they weren’t in the beginning of the list but were a few pages back.

Im not sure what you mean about “Grouping” The albums shouldn’t be grouped other than when sorted via date added they should be grouped, by that I mean on the same page because they were added together. Hope that makes sense. Some were not because of the date stamp. because of that I thought they were not added to the database.