Adding all Tidal albums for an artist

Is there a way to add all albums from Tidal to your library for a specific artist? When I discover an artist I really like I have to go to each album individually and add each one. It would be nice to be able to select one, many or all albums and do it all at once. Maybe there’s a way and I just haven’t figured it out.

Looking at the artist, go to the Tidal Main Albums section.
Long press/right click on one album.
You get a menu bar at the top, with “1 selected” at the left.
Click on it and choose Select All.
Click on the three-dot menu and select Add To Library.

This is a common pattern in Roon.


Awesome, thank you!

@AndersVinberg Man, I can’t tell you how awesome this tip is. It’s making Roon so much enjoyable to use. I never would have though to right click to select.

I only use a tablet these days, but on a PC you can select and deselect with shift-click and ctrl-click, and ctrl-A to select all. All the familiar tricks we have forgotten,