Adding Amazon HD to services

Can anyone help me adding Amazon HD? I already have Tidal but never added Amazon and can’t figure out how to add it in settings. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Roon only has Tidal and Qobuz connections. Other music services decline to provide the deep integration roon needs.


I didn’t know that thanks for the quick reply.

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But there are numerous feature requests for other services although it’s sort of out of Roon hands tbh.

Yeah, luckily my NAS (Windows Computer) is right beside my living room main system. Using a high-quality USB cable from NAS to Cambridge DAC which connects to Emotiva XMC-1 in reference mode via XLR sounds petty good all the way up to 192khz. Pretty close to ROON but missing some features that ROON offers. Have to login to NAS to use the Amazon app which isn’t a big deal. I would like to have ROON integration or a workaround incorporating ROON. But is what it is at this point.