Adding an iPad or iPhone as an output device


I want to be able to output via an iPad (which is connected via a USB cable to my Peachtree Nova 300). How do I add the iPad to my connected devices on Roon (running on an iMac on same network as the iPad).

In addition I have downloaded music from Qobuz to my iPad and my iPhone - how do I add this to my Roon environment?

Hi @Mark_McLaughlan,

If you use the Roon remote app on your iPad you should see the iPad available as an endpoint in Settings > Audio. By default mobile devices like this are Private Zones, but you can change that setting.

iOS devices cannot be added as storage locations. You’ll want to place them somewhere accessible to your Roon Core machine. Take a look at our Storage article in the Knowledge Base for more info.

Thanks, that seemed to work.

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