Adding an SSD to Nucleus (solved — pilot error)

Got my Nucleus, restored a backup, works great with Tidal.

But I’m missing something.
I installed a 2.5” SSD, but Roon doesn’t see it.
How do I tell Nucleus about it so it can format it?

@support ?

Ok, I clicked on the IP address in Setup and got to a web page.
It has a notice about internal storage not ready, and a Format button.
But it says 160 GB, INTEL SSDSA2BW16 .
This isn’t right, I have a 2TB Samsung SSD.
I don’t want to wipe the OS drive, but that isn’t supposed to be 160 GB either.
So I don’t feel like using that button.

There was a story on Ars Technica about Siri in the 80s, Siri format C:.

is it on now? if so, turn it on so I request logs

INTEL SSDSA2BW16 is strange…

it shouldnt be that way… but if you let me get logs, ill triple check everything :slight_smile:

It is on. Do I need to do anything else?

Got them… it is indeed showing up as a SSDSA2BW160G3H, with firmware 4PC10365

This is not in the built-in SSD. You will not hurt anything in the Nucleus by formatting it. However, it isn’t a 2TB Samsung.

This drive has 5 partitions:

   2          206848          468991   128.0 MiB   0C01  Microsoft reserved ...
   3          468992       268898303   128.0 GiB   0700  Basic data partition
   4       268898304       269615103   350.0 MiB   2700
   5       269615104       312580095   20.5 GiB    0700  Basic data partition

Are you 100% sure you plugged in the right SSD? Where did you get this SSD from?

I had used it in a SonicTransporter which I played with but never really used.
Maybe it partitioned it?
Will a Nucleus Format go all the way down and repartition?

In any case, I m8ght as well try, since it isn’t the system drive, right?

Did you possibly take the wrong drive out of the SonicTransporter?

This drive truly does not look like a Samsung drive. Its firmware is reporting valid model and firmware revisions for an Intel SSD.

That format button will repartition. Go for it if you don’t care what’s on that drive.

Did it.
Roon still works. Had some hiccups.
It says 148 GB out of 150 available (or some5hing like that).
But it doesn’t show up as an SMB share.

\\Nucleus\\Data\Storage has a directory for every drive you have plugged in

so, is it indeed an Intel SSD?

Had only one 2.5”.
I can open the Nucleus and take another look.
Maybe I have to take it out and put it in a PC and do unspeakable things to it.

Shows only one thing, InternalStorage, no Properties show up in Windows, and it contains nothing.

Open and take a look!

My theories now:

  1. you are mistaken and plugged in the wrong drive
  2. you put in a drive that looks like a Samsung 2TB but is actually an old Intel SSD that someone sold you as a lemon
  3. there is something super wrong with that drive’s firmware or how Linux is detecting it.

Yah, the network share should show up with like 205gb I bet… 150gb from your 2.5" and ~55gb from the internal SSD for settings/database/etc – it just adds up all the storage

Hmm, I copied an album folder to that location, Roon saw it.

it is behaving right… except that you think its a 2TB Samsung and it is actually a 160GB Intel.

Open it up!

You dare question Amazon?

Ok, I’ll look.

Well, it says Intel 160 GB right on it.
What the hell did I do?

I pulled the drive from the SonicTransporter a few days ago, put it in the mess on the desk, I guess I pulled an old Windows boot drive out of the mess and put it in.

Never mind me.

Thanks, Danny.

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:joy::joy::joy: :blush:

Glad that’s sorted!

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Yay, it shows as 2000 GB, Samsung.
Formatting now.

I think this is one story you don’t need to include as a cautionary note in the manual.
Just shows, a fool and his SSDs are soon parted.

The Nucleus is awesome.
Apple class.

It really seems that hardware brings out the worst in people :slight_smile:

The first end-user who got one was sure it was dead. Turns out he forgot to turn it on.


Well, we should learn from our mistakes.
I did that one in a physics lab in college.
Need to find new mistakes.

In all seriousness — the objective of consumer electronics reliability is a great one, but even this simple step can be messed up, as we saw.
Maybe the dealer will do it.
Or maybe an external USB drive should be a strong recommendation.

In any case, great product.

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