Adding Artist Image - what am I doing wrong?

I don’t think I’m a complete tech. Luddite but I can’t seem to be able to add an Artist image where there are none showing.
This is what I get after selecting an image, copying it to the clipboard (iPad) and then Pasting the URL - can anyone help me understand what I’m doing wrong please?

Many thanks!

What are you copying to the clipboard? The image or the URL? The latter should be what you want.

Hi Geoff, I am copying the URL, but maybe its an incorrect URL for Roon to find the picture.
Let me explain. I Google for an Artist image, once ive found a suitable one I right click, and Copy Link. When I paste this into Roon Artist Editor/Phot/Add Image it shows the error message.
Could it be because the image is part of a page that also contains text?

Now Im on my Windows PC I get 2 other options compared to the iPad.

  • Drag in an image - I cant seem to get this to work either
  • Browse for an Image - this one will be a bit more time consuming, but it does work for me, I just need to save each missing image to an appropriate place on my Hard Drive which I can then point Roon at.

One question with this though, will Roon bring a copy of these images into its memory, or will it access the image stored on my HD each time?
Apologies if its a dumb question.

The URL or Drag Image in options would be preferable, but c’est la vie, seems like Ive got plenty of time on my hands the next few weeks with the Covid-19 situation forcing a lockdown here in the UK!

Chris, on an iPad, is press and hold the image, and from the popup, choose “copy”. With Google, they keep changing the interface, but you need to open the full size image in a new window/tab first, and then copy the URL. If it opens a page, try press and holding the image on the page to get the URL. Make sure the URL you copy has .png, .jpg, or .jpeg, indicating that it’s the address of an image and not the page with the image.

ahh, makes sense Mike, many thanks.
You have dinosaur in your Forum name, I think Im feeling more like the dinosaur this morning :slightly_smiling_face:

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AFAIK the former but you can easily test that by renaming the picture after you’ve added it to Roon and see for yourself.
As the Roon Core usually does not have access to the filesystem of the (external) Control, the image/picture is sent to the Core and stored in the DB there so it’s available for all Controls, even mobile ones, at any time, even when the PC/Mac with the local copy of the image/picture that was used to add the image is unavailable/turned off.

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