Adding artists to an album crashes my 1.8 client

Server latest Roon 1.8 on macOS 10.14.6 on a 2018 Mac mini
Client latest Roon on macOS 10.15.6 on 16" MacBook Pro 2019

I updated from the latest 1.7 to v1.8. Audio works fine, and I like the new interface.
Anyway, when editing my own albums, editing the artist fails.
I try to add an artist, the artist window is opened, but before I see the list of artists appear to select one, the Roon client crashes.

Hello @Marc_Mennigmann ,

Has there been any change in behavior with our latest Roon Release? If the issue is the same in the new build, can you please reproduce the behavior and use these instructions to send us a set of your Roon logs for review?

Dear Noris,
the current release has the same problem. I cleaned up my install, reproduced the bug and now generated this beautiful logfile:

The bug occurs, whenever I try to add an artist to an album, or when I click on “My Library - Artists” in the MacOS and iOS client. There seems to be a character in my library that Roon does not like…

Hope this helps. Thanks,


Hi @Marc_Mennigmann ,

Thank you for the beautiful log file! This looks like an issue which we have a ticket in for and there were some changes in our latest release, a little after your latest post, can you please confirm if that release helped or is this issue the same on the new build? Thanks!

Dear Norris,
the logfile was made with build 763 but the problem is still there in the current build 764.

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Sorry to hear that the issue is still present @Marc_Mennigmann , I’ve notified the team.

Hi @Marc_Mennigmann ,

Can you please confirm if the issue also occurs if you scroll down the Artists or Composer tabs under My Library?

When I click on My Library - Albums, everything is fine.
When I click on My Library - Artists the desktop app (Mac) crashes immediately and I have to delete the Roon preferences first to launch the program again. Otherwise, a restart would immediately crash the app as the Artists list is tried to build I guess…
My Library - Composers works fine. No problems with that list.

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Hi @Marc_Mennigmann ,

I’m checking with the team on this issue, can you please also upload a new log set from the current build please? Thanks!

Hi Noris, we can finally close this thread. The bug seems to be fixed, and I can view and edit all the Artist list and info again without any crashing. Thanks to you and the team! Thumbs up!

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