Adding B&W two wedge speakers

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Wanted to add two B&W Wedge speakers to another room for Roon. Just a couple of questions before I purchase. Can I set up two Wedge speakers as a left and right channel as a stereo setup with Roon?

The next question is related to the network, its all the same network, but the Roon Nucleus is ethernet cabled into an extender wifi device. The room I will be using for the Wedges is the actual router where the extender is plug into, I was not planning on using wifi and plug directly into this router with ethernet cable. Will Roon be able to see the Wedge speakers?

Thank you

@Thomas_Reid As fair as creating a stereo pair there is no turnkey way of doing so, however, if you don’t mind the manual work you can always add a procedural EQ to any of your devices in roon and then just mute certain channels. So for example on the leftmost wedge you can mute the Right channel and and then on the rightmost wedge you mute the Left channel. Unfortunately, B&W themselves don’t currently allow creating a stereo pair of wedges through their app so options are limited at this point. I tried it just now and it seems to work well enough. If you plan on always listening like that then it’s no extra work otherwise you would need to mute/unmute everytime you wanted to pair/unpair them.

You should maybe wait for someone with experience with the nucleus/mesh extender devices to comment on the network question but from what you described I believe that yes, they would be able to see each.

Thanks George. Is there another Roon ready audio device that will allow a stereo setup for another location within the network that you can recommend? or what is the suggested setup?

Hello @Thomas_Reid,

At this point in time, I believe the Bluesound PULSE FLEX 2i, PULSE MINI 2i, and PULSE 2i are the only Roon Ready products supporting wireless L+R stereo playback.


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