Adding Chord Mojo to Rock

I am intending to use a Mojo to provide a headphone source in my system - I generally sit too far from my main amplifier to trail a cable! I was initially planning to feed the Mojo with a Chomecast Audio via its optical out, but then it occurred to me that I have a multitude of USB ports on the NUC running ROCK so surely it must be possible to attach the Mojo to one of them. Is this possible? Not only would it presumably provide a more stable connection, and probably higher quality data than from the Chromecast, but it would also save me the cost of a Chromecast unit.

Yes you can use the Mojo directly attached conntected via USB to your NUC. Just be careful that the USB connection remains stable as you move. Sound you get will be great!

Thanks, that’s good to hear. Are there any set up steps or should it be plug and play?

Plug it in, turn it on and enable it in Roon Settings > Audio.

OK, thanks.

So now another question. The maximum recommended length of a USB 2.0 cable is 5 M. I am going to need a 10 M cable. Has anyone any experience of active repeater USB cables, do they transmit perfectly or is there some degradation of the signal?

I think the wifi solution by attaching “Poly” accessory to the mojo is far more convenient solution without compromising on sound quality for headphones. One thing you must have in this setup is a robust router so that your Mojo- Poly does not suddenly have drop outs or wifi intermittent issues.

After tinkering with my network the Poly solution with my Audeze / N90s headphones work like a dream (my headless NUC is parked with my server, wifo router etc are all tucked away in the basement). I use Windows surface go, Ipad or iPhone as remotes for my various Roon endpoints and the Poly is simply another endpoint…

All this can be done whilst I am mobile or relaxing ready papers etc with no cables to worry about!

Yep. I use a 10m Corning optical USB3.0. No problems with bit perfect playback. I’ve done a lot of testing to confirm that.

I’m one of the lucky ones that’s never had issues with the infamous Corning cable but many many have. You can see feedback on Amazon.

This Monoprice one has much better reviews and is a newer product than the Corning:

They have a good return policy too I think if you’re in the US?

If my Corning ever dies, I’ll get the Monoprice one.

The catch with both of the above products is that they won’t work on their own with fully USB powered DACs. They don’t provide a lot of current - only enough to maintain the USB connection (handshake). But you’re fine in this case with Chord Mojo as it is ‘self powered’ by battery or externally 5Vdc powered.

Somebody with an iFi micro iDSD (for example) that is fully USB powered wouldn’t be able to use the above, unless they added an externally powered USB hub in between.

Hope this helps.

Btw: are you Earth, Wind & Fire PB? :grin:

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Thanks for this great info. Having had another think about routing and a session with a tape measure I think I can get away with a 5 M cable so should get away without an ‘active’ one. And no, I’m the other Philip Bailey😎

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Thought I would report back on my final solution to this. The 5M USB cable turned out not to work, the Rock refused to see the Mojo. I therefore moved the Rock to sit next to the Mojo and ran a 10M ethernet cable to it. This is working great and I am enjoying finding out what the Mojo can do with my favourite albums.

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