Adding Custom Fields in Roon's Tracks Page

Trialing Roon and am wondering if I can add custom fields to the tracks page or am I limited to strictly what Roon makes available? I understand the benefit of Roon is the abstraction of that level of metadata, but would like at times to view the additional metadata specifically because I think Roon has the best library management for Mac and my preference is to only use Roon.

What else would you need?

@purehifi192 Right now those are the available options, but feel free to give us some more details about what you’re looking for, or open a Feature Request.

Also just keep in mind that some additional options will make more sense in Focus, rather than in a sortable column, so it’s worth checking there to see if you can find what you’re looking for.

Roger that. Thanks, Mike. Looks like Focus will do a lot of what I’m asking, maybe not all, but we’ll see if that becomes important.

Specifically, I’d like to have the release date along with the original date in the track view. I get I can choose which I prefer and can even make this album or track dependent. Totally appreciate that makes things maybe more busy on the screen.

However, looks like the date used in Focus are specifically tied to the release date rather than the original, e.g., The Stones’ Exile on Main St was originally released in 1972 and my CD is the 2010 remaster. In the Roon settings, I have album dates sorted by original date, but it appears in Focus as the reissue date of 2010.

Is this a user issue?

Yeah, I believe that’s how it works currently. :frowning:

We’re doing some work redesigning Focus now so I’m going to note this, but feel free to check Feature Requests and open a thread on this if there isn’t one already.

Thanks for the feedback!

Sounds good. I think this request ties to my request: FOCUS : DIfferent date in Year Filter

Also agree with this other request that more broadly resolves my initial request: Some more focus options

Specifically cause I’d like to ideally use Roon to be my end all FLAC library manager on my Mac to fix messed up tags, but again, totally get the abstraction of the data is what makes Roon so awesome. Would just be nice to fix some of the meta information in the files.