Adding External Hard Drive and mapping folders with Sonic Transporter

Hello. I’m currently using an Asustor NAS for all of my file storage. Roon Software is run on a Sonic Transporter i9. There’s recently been a ransomware attack on Asustor and some of my files are now affected on the NAS. Thankfully, I have an external hard drive backup. I’ve been thinking about going this route for a while - using that instead of the NAS.
Question, when I connect my USB External hard drive, do I want to connect that to the Sonic Transporter via USB into the ST - or, just to my windows computer? I would normally go through my computer but I’m not sure if I would “network share” folders from the hard drive. Or if it all needs to go straight into the ST. I would need to modify files in this hard drive so not sure how connecting to the ST affects that.

I appreciate any info on this and how to get this connected. Thanks!

Hi Spence,
Both options are possible. Assuming your Sonicorbiter has internal storage, I would advise to use the smb route: connect the usb drive to your pc, connect your pc via the network to your Sonicorbiter, and then transfer the files.
How it works, is written here:

Thanks Arlen. So connect the USB External Hard Drive to my computer? The Sonic Transporter is connected via ethernet. So no USB would go into the ST? Then I have to map the USB Hard Drive to my ST so Roon can see my files. I’m picking up the External Hard Drive and will test it later.


I got home and it hooked up fine. Thanks!

Great! Happy listening.

I use an external hard drive connected to my Sonic Transporter via USB for music storage. Access to music files when first loading albums and changing track-to-track are noticeably faster using the USB connection to the ST.
Just my two cents…

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The sonicTransporter will “Network Share” an attached USB drive.

exFAT is a good format the the sonicTransporter can read easily. This format can also be read by a PC or MAC computer.