Adding FBi (94.5), a Sydney local radio station

I’m unable to see this radio station under local, and the radio website does not have a stream URL to offer. I am able to see it, and many other local stations (2SER 107.3 for instance) in the TuneIn Radio apps

Hello @bluhska, I haven’t forgotten you - but the program to add stations is having problems at the moment, along with the rest of Roon’s servers.

I’ll add as a soon as I can.

Have I have I previously requested this? My apologies if so

I’m still unable to add to the database, sorry.
In the meantime, you can add it yourself in my live radio using

@bluhska I can edit again, so I’ve added FBi Radio. Please check.

I see it now, thank you for adding it!

May I ask how you found the URL? There are other local stations I wish to add, but I can’t find how to locate the URL on TuneIn

We don’t use Tunein URLs for the database - I find alternatives via the station website or similar. However there is no problem in you using one for your own my live radio. Just search for the station on Tunein and use the URL that shows in the browser.

If you let me know what other stations you want I can add them to the main database myself.

Ah, okay. Easy.

If it’s not a hassle for you, I’d love to see 2ser (107.3), and WSFM (101.7) added. I can always follow the above method to add them manually, if it is.

2ser and WSFM added. Please check

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