Adding Folder Link

Your solution for getting my LG phone to connect worked. Thank you.

A few more questions please. What is wrong with the address to my music folder? The screenshots show that the folder exists. The format is exactly as in your didactic material.

Thank you.

You are in the “Add Network Share” dialog, trying to enter a local (non network) path to a folder. This can’t work. Examples for acceptable input (\\host\share or smb://host/share) here are shown directly below the input field. For this to work the prerequisites are that the folder you wish to access is shared over the network and that the user you provide in that dialog has sufficient access rights for the share.

From your initial post it’s unclear if your Roon Core runs on the same machine as the folder you wish to connect to is located or not. If the Roon Core runs on the same machine, don’t use the “Add Network Share” dialog. Read the following article about how to add a local folder:

If the Roon Core runs on another machine than the one on which the music folder is located at then make sure that the folder is shared before you try to connect to it from the Core. Read the article linked below to find out how to do this:

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Hi @Richard_Clatch,

The articles that BlackJack shared from our Help Center should definitely help get you up and running here! If you have any trouble after giving those a read please let me know what you’re seeing in Roon at that time and we can help get things working.