Adding Individual tracks to a Queue

Hi All, is there a chance that at track level, we could have two more options, “play next” and Add to end of Queue? These are two great fun things to have when listening with friends and adding tracks to the queue as they come into your head and to match the mood.

They already exist. Add next is play next add to queue adds it at the end. Hold on the track or album you want to bring up the choice. You can configure the options to chow in play options in settings

Thank you. I didn’t know about the “hold” function and hated interupting the track I was listening to whilst testing.

Hi Henry,

I have friends over sometimes, doing the same as you.

Keep in mind that Play Now will clear the rest of the Queue and can be dangerous when you have friends over, adding songs to the Queue.

So, you might want to move “Queue” to the top of the Play Preferences Settings that CrystalGipsy showed above. That means that if someone clicks the arrow on the left of the track, it will Add to Queue and not Play Now, which clears the Queue.

I’ve had that happen with friends over and it can be very disappointing.

Cheers, Greg

Great idea, thanks Greg. A great way of avoiding that error. There have been tricky scenes after an episode like that in the past. 20 odd songs queued, suddenly replaced by 120 Beck tracks. :rofl:
Sounds advice!