Adding internal Library storage (SSD) to an already operational ROCK

I am still not quite sure about the INITIAL steps required to install an SSD internally into my NUC8i7 that is already setup to run Roon, but with files from a network share (on which Roon fails to pick up changes to files as reported by the NAS…).

Once I installed the SSD in the NUC8i7, do I need to go into BIOS or anything to make the NUC recognize it? Or do I go directly to the web interface of ROCK once it has started up again to format the new drive there?

Will Roon be able to pick up changes done to files on that internal library-SSD instantly or does this also require additional fiddling?

Thanks for clarifying.

No need to invoke the BIOS (AFAIK) - just format the drive via the Web Administration Interface. Once that is done, you will see it appear as the default music storage, and with the magic phrase “Watching for new files in real time”

Thanks, I of course don’t want it to be the default music drive as long as the music is sitting on the NAS.

How can I make sure that Roon doesnt mess up my library until I specifically CHANGE the OLD storage location to the new, internal, SSD? Do you know the exact steps reuired? THe KB only talks about attached storage.

Since the internal drive will be initially empty, it won’t “mess up your library”.

Migration of your music files from your NAS to the internal storage (if that’s your goal) is covered in this article - it’s for a migration on a Nucleus, but the same steps hold for a ROCK/NUC.

The key steps from the article:

Internal Storage

If you’re moving your library to the internal storage of Nucleus there are some additional steps that need to be taken to ensure that you library properly migrates with all edits in place. If you need help formatting your internal storage, please see our article on the subject.

  1. Go to Settings > Storage and disable all current watched folders except Internal Storage. To do this, select the 3 dots next to the storage location and then choose Disable.
  2. Access the Web Administration Interface and stop the Roon Server Software.
  3. Copy your files to the internal storage of Nucleus.
  4. Once the transfer is complete, return to the Web Administration Interface and restart the Roon Server Software.
  5. Roon will go through the process of identifying the files from your Internal Storage and match them to your existing Roon library.
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Thanks. I’ll build a step-plan based on this and if I feel I confident enough tackle this over the next days.

It would be a ton easier to just get an external USB storage drive and use that. (probably cheaper too).

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That wasnt the question. I want in one box. Why should I have more stuff standing around if theres a dedicated space in NUC.

I have a nice box standing. Its called NAS. Bur Roon cant cope…

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