Adding library on NAD M50.2

let me start by saying i am a total novice with computer audio and networks.

what i am trying to do is get roon access to the music stored on the hard drive inside my music server which is a NAD M50.2. i have an IP address for the M50.2 but don’t know how to make room recognize it. can anyone tell me how to do this? also, the NAD M50.2 is brand new to me and i’m not super familiar with it yet. any help would be much appreciated. thanks in advance.


I imagine the NAD M50.2 behaves similarly to the Bluesound Vault2 in this regard.

Go into Settings>Storage>Add Folder> Browse>Add Network Share (bottom left)

Assuming the file structure is the same as my Vault 2, our network share location should resemble this:
\\(IP Address of M50.2)\Shared\Music

I would recommend setting your M50.2 to a Static IP address as opposed to DHCP so it will remain the same and Roon will continue to monitor and add the files in as you rips CDs.

Hope this helps

thank you. i did this and now i can see the music but its listed as “unavailable.” any suggestions?

Hi @Samuel_Bayles ---- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us. Very appreciated!

Moving forward, to help us understand what could be causing the mentioned behavior (i.e "…can see the music but its listed as “unavailable.”) may I very kindly ask you for the following:

  • So I have a better sense as to what you’re working with, please provide a brief but accurate description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

  • Please provide screenshots of the following:

    • Your “storage” tab in Roon so I can see how you are mounting the M50.2 in the application.

    • An example of an album that you know is on the M50.2 but is being shown as “unavailable” in the application.

  • Please confirm that one of the albums that is showing as “unavailable” can be: 1) successfully accessed on the M50.2 via the OS of the device hosting your Roon core and 2) played outside of the Roon application.