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I am new to Roon, so any newbie guidance would be appreciated. I am digitizing a bunch of LPs and for the time being figured I’d cut down on the (considerable) labor by keeping each LP side as a single file (which is consistent with the way I play most LPs anyway - I typically just play a side and don’t skip tracks that much). But that is apparently making it impossible for Roon, which is looking for tracks, to identify the albums.

I also have a Qobuz subscription. Is there a way to “copy” the Roon data from a Qobuz album added to my colleciton, and “pasting” that data into my unrecognized L?

I’m trying to avoid having to chop up the audio files of LP sides into individual tracks, track naming and ordering, etc., etc.

Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated.


Roon will not be able to do what you want. You can edit the unidentified track in Roon, add Artist, Album, Version, and for Track Title use something like Side A ( XXX,xxx,xxx,xxx,xxx). And this of course will always be an Unidentified album in Roon with no credit links.

Or, you are going to have to cut up the files and tag them.

You could test VinylStudio on your LP sides. It has the option to import recordings. VinylStudio does not change the original file in any way, but helps you add album/track names and other meta data.

This isn’t strictly true. Sure, Roon won’t be able to identify the specific album, but there’s nothing stopping the OP from selecting a version of DTSOM from the database. Yes, the track names will be wrong, but the rest of the data will be there (links, album description, and so on). With a bit of extra editing - ‘released date’, ‘version’, ‘track names’ etc - the OP will be good to go.

Ah, good point.

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Thanks for your replies folks.

David, may I ask you to clarify what “selecting a version of DTSOM from the database” means? Apologies if that’s a dumb question (I am not well versed in the matter)!

Never mind! I figured out that my problem is a poor understanding of the Album Editor interface, specifically the screen where you’re asked to match tracks. I think I figured out how to accept the identified album while replacing the tracks with my “sides”. So I get to keep all the metadata and tags (other than track-specific data of course). So I think I’m good.

Thanks again…

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I’m glad you got it sorted out, and my apologies for the slight confusion. What I meant to say was “selecting, for example, a version of Dark Side of the Moon from the database”, but you figured it out. I guess it didn’t help that I misspelled the acronym, i.e. Dark The Side of Moon. I’ll change my name to Yoda :slight_smile:

Coded, your message was.

May the Force be with you…

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