Adding manually radios doesn't work

Hello, I am trying to add manually some radio stations but I may be doing something wrong because Roon doesn’t recognize any of the addresses provided. One example:

Could you please help?

I see you are going through tune-in. Try going to a specific NPR station you are interested in then go to the specific stream you want to listen to then copy that link and see if you can enter it in the Add URL function in Roon.

The problem in this instance is that you are trying to add podcasts. Adding Tunein stations is normally OK but Roon can’t deal with podcasts. I’m afraid even going to the NPR site won’t help here.

Are your other problems of the same type?

ok I see that thanks.

But I have issues also with normal live streams, also not using TuneIn as @Guy_Russell is suggesting.

Roon stalls and cannot add it. Would this link have the right format? If not, how can I copy the right format from a radio webpage?

thanks to both

Roon needs the stream URL - that link you posted goes to the website player.
For that site the required streams weren’t obvious and weren’t posted on the website. You can use sites such as which often help.

In this case I analysed the site and extracted the streams myself and have added the set of los 40 stations for you (and Els 40 ). Let me know if OK.

Any other queries, please post.

PS for my live radio adding via Tunein is an easy and valid way. For example,
(which is what I got when using Tunein to search for Los 40 classic) will work if you use it to add a station.

(For the main database we don’t use Tunein)

thank you. Once more, amazing customer service! :+1:

I tried with radio browser and it worked. I will prepare a list of those I cannot do myself…

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