Adding modified songs to a library

How does Roon handle songs that have been modified should as shortened or recut? I’d like to add my wife’s Dance Recital music (most are custom remixes she makes) to the Roon, but do not want it to overwrite existing songs. Best solution would be to treat them as new songs that are unrelated to the originals. In iTunes I can do this, but am not sure what will Roon will do.

It will have difficulty identifying them due to non standard running times. Here is what I would do. Copy them into individual folders as ‘false’ albums, with an appropriate album title. Edit all the songs to have the same album title (I use mp3Tag), whatever you want. Roon will not be able to identify the new album but so long as the metadata tags all have the same album name, it will treat it as an unidentified album.

I can easily test because the songs are grouped by recital year and day and even have their own album artwork so they show up correctly in iTunes. I’ll give it a go tonight and report back.

If you are using MP3Tag you can also add the tag:
Then in Roon, edit the Album and set the Album Type to Single.
Then it will show up under singles instead of Albums, if that matters to you…

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You learn something new every day!

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Necessity, it’s the Mother of Invention. I had downloaded a couple of artists portfolios in BandCamp and Roon wanted to keep grouping the unknown singles into crazy synthetic Albums. @tripleCrotchet and @brianW got me in the neighborhood and my typical frantic flailing ultimately got the desired solution.

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I just remoted into her office computer and took a look at custom albums (Recital 2015, 2016, etc) and they are combination of complete songs and modified songs making the whole thing a mess. I do not like doing it but it might be best to import them all into an empty iTunes library. Make the changes and then move them to the computer with Roon. Some songs will be exact duplicates of others in library but that’s a minor issue. Used a Sooloos for many years before giving up due to the age of the equipment. Then jumped to iTunes which was an unworkable solution.