Adding music - 2000 tracks taking 4 hours, 48,000 tracks to go [fixed]

Is this the expected speed adding tracks will take?
So it’ll take 96 hrs or 4 days to add my library to Roon?

What are the specs of your machine running roonserver

i7 6700 - high perf.
The music files are on a NAS.
GigE networked

How much RAM on your PC? What kind of throughout do you get across the network from your nas? I’d turn off analysis for the scan and import to complete and then turn it on again afterwards.

How do I turn off analysis?

It’s in the settings menus.

OK, I turned off Background Audio Analysis Speed.
It hasn’t made any speed difference.

Something isn’t right here. It should be done in a couple of hours.

Can you check a few things e.g. do have some anti-virus software slowing things down and check that your storage device isnt choked with other apps running, background tasks etc. Same for your i7.

You might want to copy a chunk of library onto a local /internal hard drive and watch if they import faster. That could suggest some read speed issue.

What is your storage sevice ?

Check NAS throughput across the network and ensure the core has 8gb ram.

Pretty sure it was a NAS issue, have retired this one and trying others.

This is definitely wrong. I would check the NAS, the hard drives, the cables, network gear, etc – there’s a bottle neck or error somewhere.

Let us know if you’re stuck and we’ll do what we can to help @Sydney_Low.