Adding music from an external SSD to a Nucleus internal SSD that is already set up and operating

I ran an external SSD into my Nucleus + to transfer about 400 albums to the internal SSD. It stopped at about 50% and I have since read I should have run into my PC. The albums that transferred are working properly but I read they are in a watched folder rather than going directly onto the internal SSD.

Is that correct and if so what should I do now?

Can you post a screenshot of the Settings > Storage screen of your Roon system? It’s not clear to me what you have done.

I’m trying to transfer from an external SSD directly into one of the Nucleus’ USB ports.

In which case, you first need to add the external USB drive root folder as a Watched folder in the Settings > Storage screen.

I see only the default internal SSD music storage of your Nucleus on that screen at the moment.

Click the + Add folder screen to browse to the required folder of your USb drive.

Hang on - what precisely are you trying to do here? Copy music files from a USB drive to the internal SSD drive of the Nucleus?

If so, then you would be better off attaching the USB drive to a PC or Mac and using Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder to transfer the files from your computer to the Nucleus…

I’m copying the music from an external SSD plugged into one of the Nucleus USB ports.
It added about half of the external SSD’s contents before it stopped. A pop up window said an album title was too long. I clicked “skip” and “always skip” boxes but it didn’t restart. Everything that was transferred plays fine. Should I try to continue this or start over on my PC?

When I setup my NUC I used the network to copy . Put the external drive into a PC then copy / paste to the new location. Depending on numbers it may take a while.

I set up a profile in SyncBack pro and mirrored the drive - piece of cake

I keep a mirror of my internal drive and my external USB On my main PC as well as backups

Far better to have the USB drive attached to your PC or Mac. Halves the number of transfers over the network that are necessary for the copy operation.

OK. What will happen to the files already transferred? They amount to about half of what’s on the external SSD. Will they be overwritten or will I have a bunch of duplicates?

Windows File Explorer (and presumably Mac Finder) will ask whether you want to skip or replace previously transferred files…

An unrelated question: when backing Roon up does the backup SSD need to be connected to the Nucleus or my PC?

That depends on whether you have the SSD connected to your Nucleus or your PC. You need to tell Roon what the path to your backup location is when you set up a scheduled backup…

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