Adding music server, where does the core install

I currently have my Roon Core installed on a Mac Mini which is connected to an Ampifier with DAC, the music is store on a NAS.

I want to buy a Auralic Aries Mini or a music server like this, where would the Roon Core be installed?

Aries is a streamer, i.e. endpoint. You still need the core to be where it is now. Connect the Aries to your network and Roon will see it as a endpoint.

Further discussion here -

BTW - on the Auralic web site and in other sites the Aries is marked as sold out. Maybe a new model is due?

Have you considered a Roon Nucleus or Nucleus+?

…or a Roon Rock? :wink:

what is Roon Rock?

Roon Nucleus or Nucleus+ is a PC right? what kind of OS runs on? window or linux?

Nucleus and Nucleus+ are music appliances, see the Roon Labs Blog for more details. They are not general-purpose PCs running a traditional OS.

ROCK is a Do-it-yourself build of Roon OS (used in the Nucleus products), which can be used to build one’s own version of a Nucleus appliance.

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anywhere that I can get Nucleus or Nucleus+?

Where are you based? A good HiFi dealer in your area is the place to start, I would suggest…

Hong Kong:wink:

So, @mike - any Nucleus dealers in Hong Kong? :grinning:

Seems like your thread was hijacked.

Nucleus is not a streamer.

To address the original question - If you still want to buy a Auralic Aries Mini, you can leave Roon Server on your Mini. You don’t need a new piece of $1500 hardware to run the Core.