Adding Music Storage Folder and Path Traversal


I am running RoonServer on a Ubuntu 18.04 system and my music files are in a subfolder in my home folder (e.g. /home/myname/foo/bar/Music/). RoonServer does not have the read privilege on the home, myname, foo, or bar folders, but I made sure that it could traverse the path in order to read the Music folder and its subfolders (by setting the x permission to group and other).

My problem is as follows: when I try to add the folder in the application settings, the browser won’t let me get down to the Music folder because there are some folders it cannot read along the way.

In Kodi, this issue is fixed easily because the application will let you add a music source by simply typing the complete path of the folder. Then it will access the files in the folder without attempting to read the parent folders in the path.

Is there a fix for this issue with Roon? Is there a place where I can enter the path of my Music Storage Folder manually, can I edit a config file?

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I’m not aware of a workaround within Roon.

Have you considered setting up a symbolic link and pointing Roon at that?

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That is what I ended up doing. It is working well so far.

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