Adding music to library and Metadata Improver hangs or never completes

Roon Core Machine

sonicTransporter v2.6

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Comcast wifi - new router (no idea what)

Connected Audio Devices

ultraRendu connected using USB to CAD

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

The problem started with error about Metadata Improver: Paused.
At that point there were apparently network issues that caused all connections to Tidal and Qobuz to be lost.
These problems were not apparent anywhere else. (SmartTV internet worked and I also had no problem with my PC wifi connection. When I invoked a wifi reset from Comcast/xfinity web page I did get a message that they could not contact the network. I followed instructions to power down for a while.

This did not immediately fix the problems, but after a while Qobuz and Tidal content started to show up under Discography and Versions. Also in search, but performance seemed slow.

Clicking on Tidal and Qobuz in the right hand menu did not work untill much later. Half an hour or more. The screens were not completely empty, as I think there were some icons that seemed to provide links to some playlists but I was never able to see any actual Tidal or Qobuz albums.

After adding anew album to my local library the “Adding music to library” also seems to hang

@support As of current everything seems to work as expected except that I get the blue spinner on top of my home page and when I click I see the dialog above. I assume that this means my metadata is not updated, but I do not really know how to test his

@support Also note that I have rebooted the Roon server/transporter many times.

@support I upgraded to sonicOrbiter 2.7. When I started Roon the “Metadata improver: paused” message was gone and I could see that it completed the “Adding music to library” counting down the tracks from 101.

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