Adding Music to Library & Metadata improver: Paused

Mac mini late 2014
Mojave 10.14.6 3gz intel core i7 16G ram

Eero wifi/ethernet

airport express connected via airplay to two stereo receivers

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

The adding music to library function runs continuously (see screenshot). How do I fix this?

And, the Metadata improver has been “paused” How do I fix this?


Is this local music from a hard drive or a streaming service library?

Exact same issue here.

I’m having the same issue, plus I can’t log into my account on Roon’s website (although obviously I have no trouble logging in here).

Same here.

I suspect Root’s cloud services have a problem, nothing we can do locally other than to report to Roon (which this topic will do).

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Yep Its literally just gone belly up for myself in the last few minutes…actually explains a lot of other stuff I was starting to see.

Looks like it’s working again.

I’m having the same problem here, it seems to be something systemic.

Any predictions for a solution?

Roon Core Machine

MacOS Big Sur 11.6, MBP Retina, 15 inch Mid 2015, 2.5 Quad Core i7, 16 GB

Roon is running the current build

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Orbi Router - it is fine internal network is solid

Connected Audio Devices

I am using two remote roon applications iPhone and iPad

In the past no problems

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

My remote Roon applications running on the iPad, iPhone just started receiving this message Metadata improver: paused with a ! missing playlist, non functioning remotes basically… I am running Qobuz and that applications is fine when executing it on its own. I did just started using my iPad after not using it for a while.

I rebooted my MBP the core is running with some playlists but I am getting the same message upper right of the screen has the red !

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

Extreme network 1gbit switch - all LAN

Connected Audio Devices

Klimax DSM
Klimax 350 Exakt

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I stuck since days with the following message. I rebooted the nucleus several times, sometimes this message disappears, but it comes back every time.

Hello All,

Thank you for the reports! Can you please confirm if there has been any change in behavior since the weekend or is the issue still ongoing?

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Both of the problems that I posted have been resolved.


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