Adding music to library not clearing

I have just built a ROCK server from an old PC and transferred my music from an Innuos Media server via its Backup. That went OK, I then restored the Roon Backup from a USB. This has resulted in the swirling disk and the message “Adding Music to the Library”. I have rebooted the core and cleaned up the library, the message remains. Wil this resolve itself over time. Replay seems Ok

It will rescan your library…give it time

Thanks for that, the number of files hasn’t changed in 5 hrs, would you expect that. It was fine before i restore the Roon settings from the previous hardware setup

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Is it still analysing music? This can take a long time on USB or external volume i.e. NAS especially for 1000’s of tracks.

Hey @Peter_Coles,

We’d love to know how things unfolded on your end - is there any update you can share? We’d love to help if help is needed?

I started again. Transferred my music from the backup from the Innuos Music Server onto the internal store. Then restored the Roon backup from the Roon setup associated with the Innuos. At this point it went wrong. Albums that had been combined were duplicated and unknown albums that I had edited were confused. I am know at a loss as to know what to do. Going back to the original Innuos setup, everything is at it should be. Suggestions would be gratefully received.

To answer my own question, I think a Roon Update has removed the record of the changes, as they are not showing in the “library” tab in “settings”. so when I restore the backup it scrambles the edits

Hey @Peter_Coles,

Thanks for giving the process another try. I appreciate the details about restoring the backup, but, what about the location of your music library? Have you followed these important steps?

All those steps were followed. I think the edits are lost as they do not show as having occurred in the original setup in “un merge compositions” with the Innuos as the Core, hence the corruption. I think the only option is to re-edit on the Rock core.