Adding music to library question?

I’m sure if this is the right place for this topic so please move if necessary.

When I close then start my Roon Core I often get a message that says “Adding music to library: Of xxx tracks, xxx added, xxx identified”, along with the messages indicating the progress of the rescanning of each storage location.

My question is what music is being added?

Is it Roon cleaning up or updating the local database for music that was added since the last Roon Core restart?

Is it Roon not actually adding new music but rather only adding newly identified music since the last Roon Core restart?

Or is it something else entirely?

Regarding unidentified albums/tracks, when does Roon recheck for albums/tracks that were previously unidentified but now been added to whatever database Roon uses to identify albums/tracks?

Thanks in advance for any answers!

If I restart my core it automatically rescans the file store(s). Since I upgraded my NAS this takes very little time (50,000 tracks). If you’ve added (or deleted) new music since last restart or rescan, it’ll add/remove it from your Roon library.

Well that’s really my question - although I add music on a regular basis and Roon identifies the added music, does Roon only do a local database “clean up” when the Roon Core is restarted, hence the “Adding music to library” message?

I’m guessing it does that clean up each time you restart. You can also do a manual library clean up from Settings > Library > Library Maintenance. Not sure if/how that differs from what happens when the core is restarted. I run full Roon on my core, not Roon Server on its own, so not sure if that makes a difference to these functions :man_shrugging:.


I just restarted Roon Server and also forced a rescan.
I see the Adding Music To Library message on my remote any time Roon is parsing the library.
I think it’s just a default notification and isn’t actually adding music.

I have a NUC with a internal SSDand an external USB drive

When I restart Roon rescans the USB but not the SSD

I thought it odd too. That message usually happens when actually importing new files an Roon gets stuck somewhere

A restart normally clears it , this sound cyclic ?