Adding music to library, spinner won't stop [Metadate Improver: Paused]

Description of Issue

After adding an album to my library the spinner won’t stop. I’m running ROCK with an internal SSD.

I read about someone having a similar issue in an older thread where where the culprit was “garbage characters” that had snuck into the file names. In my case the characters are Japanese. Could this be the cause perhaps? And how would I remedy this?

Screenshot 2022-08-22 at 08.57.51

This seems to affect the newly added albums by not including any cover art.

This is normally due to a bad connection to Roon Cloud

Try rebooting everything , including the network , it normally clears it. Shut everything down , wait 30 sec then restart the network Wait until the internet is stable before rebooting the core PC

If in doubt re-boot … :smiling_imp:


Check out this page from the Roon’s Help site …

Hope it helps you to resolve this issue.

If not then to aid Roon’s support team can you edit you post and complete all the details for each section, with specific attention to the networking.

I restarted everything (fiber modem, router, switch, ROCK) and that solved the issue.

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