Adding Music To Library spinning infinitely (Metadata Improver Error)

I have this message for weeks now:

Most or all added music is missing images/data.

On both sides I have the same versions:


What to do?

It’s telling you that roon didn’t identify any of the tracks so you won’t get images etc as roon can’t match them up to anything.
What sort of tracks are they?

Sorry, but I don’t believe that’s it. It seems to be happening with everything I add.

For example. Before:

After clicking on “Add To Library”… The number changed:

The album in the library:

Also, please note the “Roon needs a software update” message - what would that mean? Roon (successfully) updated few times in last few months and I still have that message (seems related to the problem).

Have you rebooted everything?
Always have to ask :grinning:

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Hi @gmit2,

I see Roon is displaying

Metadata Improver Error

Typically this means the Roon core can’t communicate with Roon’s metadata servers …
Often this is a local networking issue and can be resolved by rebooting your router (and then the Roon Core)

If that does not work, then Roon support team will be along to assist in diagnosing where the issue lies.


it was certainly a good question about restarting as I thought I did (blush) - 2000 songs in the updating queue sounded excessive for a short time. Last restart was three weeks ago and obviously those 2000 songs came in that time.

I’ve just restarted Roon service, on the next run it went through all those songs and now it’s ok.

I’ve added another album, it also went fine.

However, I’m having this problem for months now (yeah, I know I’ve written weeks in the first post, but it’s longer than than) and I believe it will happen again.

Note that it’s not the router as it was restarted multiple times and internet works. And it’s not Synology as it got ‘fixed’ without restarting it.

Roon is a real outlier when it comes to networking, it hammers DNS lookups and often changing the DNS provider in your router can improve performance. If your router allows you to do so then change the DNS source to or

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Already using those. :slight_smile:

Anyhow, thanks!

Hi @gmit2,

Thanks for letting us know that the reboot helped clear the issue up!

What does your network setup look like? Are you using any VPN software on the router?

Not reboot, but just restarting Roon service on Synology!

No VPN. It’s router, two switches and then Synology that runs Roon server. Synology has fixed IP, if that matters.

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