Adding music to library taking a vey long time

I used to occasionally hit the “force rescan” button when I added a few albums and didn’t want to wait until roon picked up the additions automatically (I setup roon so that it monitors some folders).

The entire operation to rescan used to take about 30-60 seconds in total (I have around 28000 tracks in my database).

A few days ago I added around 60 new albums, and roon as been “adding music to library” for about 2 full days now and it is still churning, surely it cannot take this long to add a small number of albums.

Any idea how I can troublshoot this? I tried restarting the roonserver but this did not help.

I have my FLAC music on a Synology NAS with SMBv3 setup, Roon server (latest) and about 2000 albums (28,000+ tracks).