Adding Music to Library wheel never stops spinning

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

I am running Roon Core version 1.7 (build710) on a Debian linux system. IOt is installed on my server with i5-9400 CPU and 8GB RAM on Samsung EVO 256 SSD.

All my music files are stored in this machine, approx. 8TB of storage capacity.

My Roon remote is installed on a MacBook Pro running Big Sur, version 1.7 (build710)

My Roon Bridge is installed on a small pc running windows 10 version 1.7 (build571)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Roon core and Roon Bridge are connected via wired ethernet, Roon Remote via WiFi, all on the sane network.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Roon Bridge is connected to the audio device via USB, using WASAPI

Description Of Issue

The problem I have is that the “Adding Music to Library wheel” never stops spinning, even when all tracks are scanned and inserted into the Library.

When Music starts playing, after approx. 45 minutes the music stops. The wheel keeps spinning, the music folder is rescanned again from scratch (it takes 2-3 minutes to rescan it) and only then the music starts again.

However, the wheel never stops spinning.

Any idea why this is happening and how it can be resolved? Maybe my Library is too big for Roon to handle?

Log files can be downloaded from the following link:

Thank you.

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Hello @Fragoulis_Sideris, could you click on the spinning wheel and send me a screenshot of where the scan is stuck?

Good morning @nuwriy

You can find below the requested screenshot.

For a library that size, I would be using 16 gb of RAM and an i7 cpu.


That would be the logical thing to do IF the server had any signs of lag. With a library of this size, running Roon Server as a service, the CPU utilisation rarely goes above 15% (in the state shown in the above picture) and the RAM usage above 40%.

So why change to your suggestion? (this is genuine question with no signs of irony)

Hello @Fragoulis_Sideris, for a library that size it is definitely possible that the available resources are an issue, however I’d like to investigate further to be sure. Could you please do the following and provide timestamps for each step?

  • Reboot your Core machine.
  • Start up Roon and let the spinner go for ~5 minutes.
  • Reboot your Core machine once more.
  • Start up Roon and let the spinner go for another ~5 minutes.

This should allow the team to gain some insight into what you’re experiencing in the report. Once you’ve done this let me know the timestamps and I’ll enable diagnostics on your account. When the diagnostic report is uploaded I’ll send it over to our team for analysis.


What is a timestamp and how do I get timestamps?

Do you mean screenshots or you are referring to log files? Any link for the timestamps I can be guided to?

Hi Fragoulis,

I think nuwriy, just, means when you send the logs, if you could specify the times you noticed or had the issue, so that they can focus in and around that time when looking at them.

@nuwriy, @Rugby

Please follow below link to download the requested log files

They are sent through retransfer. You will find one folder called Roon which contains two folders, RoonStart and RoonEnd.

RoonStart is the first time that the Core was restarted and RoonEnd is the second time the Roon Core was restarted. All logs were taken after 5 minutes when the Core was started.

I upgraded the RAM of the machine to 16GB, however the spinning wheel remains. At the time of this writing, CPU load is 1% and memory usage is 39%, Roon core running of course

Hello @Fragoulis_Sideris, and thanks for sending that! There’s one more piece of information I could use for making this ticket with the QA team. Could you please tell me the model router you’re using, and if there are any switches or anything else between the Router and the core? I know you said it was connected via Ethernet, but is that directly to the router?


Roon Core is connected to a TP-Link TL-SG105 gigabit ethernet switch.

On this switch end up my Mac mini, a QNAP NAS, and my Devialet amplifier.

The switch is connected to my Speedport 2i router.

All ethernet cables are cat6e except the QNAP which is cat8

Hi @Fragoulis_Sideris ,

Did you get this resolved? I have exactly the same problem.

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