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Why is it that it has to go through the whole process of adding music to library so frequently? i have 264k tracks, it takes a week to do this, and slows the system down to unusable whilst doing it? plus that then kicks off background audio analysis, basically puts roon out of action for a week? how come it does this? is there anyway to stop it doing this? also why doesn’t it just cache and look for changes instead of adding the entire library again. Im using an Innuos Zenith Mk3 as my core, running a 4tb SSD on board with all music stored locally on it.
Any advice welcome. cheers

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This sounds strange.
I have roughly the same amount of tracks as you and it takes minutes for Roon to scan through (I have files on a Synology NAS).
There is a setting for how frequently Roon should scan for new files, I have it set to do it fairly rarely because when I add music I instantly force it to scan.

I run ROCK on a NUC5i7RYH with 16GB RAM, so nothing very new or special. Roon DB is on SSD though.

You haven’t inadvertently changed a lot of Tags

I made a large change that affected my whole library and yes it took days to re analyses but normally Roon works by difference only on Changed or New files

nothing, only thing i have done was add 4 new albums nothing major at all. the Innuos was switched off once in this time, but surely this wouldn’t cause a full system rebuild?

I would ask @support it shouldn’t do that unless it’s a quirk of the Innuos

You can help the usability bit by setting the Library No of cores to “Throttled” , it’s not the answer but it will save the frustration

I am using a desktop with storage and core on the same PC

All week so far

Hi @andy_percival,

When the Core is rebooted, a scan is expected, but a full re-import does sound strange. When this occurs, do you still see any edits you made associated with the previous tracks?

It almost sounds like the database is getting reset when you reboot the Core, I’d also send Innuous a support request if you haven’t already.

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