Adding music to library:

Roon Core Machine

roon Nucleus

Networking Gear & Setup Details

TP-Link gigabyte switch

Connected Audio Devices

Meridian 218

Library Size

10,000 tracks

Description of Issue

roon on W10
After Melco hard drive replacement.
On all devices (laptop, W7, W10) roon shows the spinning circle in the top-left. If you click in it, it seems to be stuck on “Adding music to library: Of 213 tracks, 213 added, 0 identified” Note: no integer before ‘Of’
Connecting to the Melco (with the normal file browser) but if try to play any of the tracks using the Windows media player or copy the (flac) file to the laptop I get a ‘error 0x8000000A: the data necessary to complete this operation is not yet available’
If I do all that on a Windows 7 machine I can play the track using a media player but roon errors as above - suggesting that the source file is fine.

Hi @John_Adam, if you give the Nucleus and the Melco a reboot is there any change?

Thanks Dylan. It did this time. I think I had to start them in the right order. It counted down from about 24,000 and the albums slowly appeared. Lost the identity of about 120 albums but I suppose it could have been worse

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Glad to hear you’re back up and running, @John_Adam! If anything changes please let us know!