Adding NAS Drive


I have started the 14 day trial today and can’t even get past first base in adding my NAS drive correctly. I am using Mac OSX and can access the web settings for my NAS using the correct IP address consistently without issue.

When trying to add in the network path for Roon I have tried all the options and no success - I get the message ‘Unauthorized’ despite using the same username and password as I use to access the NAS page.

NAS is Synology DS212j.

Help appreciated.

Moving to Support category and flagging @support.

What use permissions do you have on your mac account, have you tried from the admin account?

Hi @Paul_Quinn ----- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us.

Moving forward, can you give me an example of how you are trying to mount the device in Roon, I’d like to see the network path you are using. Furthermore, as @Ratbert has suggested (:thumbsup:) make sure you are performing this action from the admin account.