Adding new albums to an existing library

very simple question…I may be doing something incorrectly when adding a new album to my library. The music folder is on a NAS drive so i copy the new album folder to the NAS drive then proceed to SETTINGS>STORAGE and Force Rescan the drive. It seems that this does not immediately add the album when I check following the scan’s completion. I impatiently rescan and it eventually shows up. this seems a tad clunky so question whether I am doing this correctly. I’ve searched the Knowledge base but this seems to address global library entry rather than small and frequent additions.
The program also has a folder “MUSIC FOLDER” listed on the Storage page. What is this?
I assume these are embarrassingly simple questions but I am seeking your comments nevertheless.
What is the most direct and simple method to adding new albums to the library and what relationship does the software created “Music Folder” HAVE WITH MY MUSIC LIBRARY/FOLDER?
Cheers and thanks, WDW