Adding new albums to Roon using Sonic Transporter

Hi. I love my new ST. But I notice when I add new albums to my watched NAS folders they don’t automatically show up in my Roon overview page. I have to “force re-scan” for the particular folder and then they show up.
Was wondering if I’m missing a setting where it would automatically see new albums?


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Mine started doing that. I deleted and redid the watched folder. It’s been fine since.

Oh? I have too many files. It takes weeks to analyze if I delete a folder. Appreciate the input though. It could be that I’m currently doing “background audio analysis” on files that finished importing recently?

It’s currently at 49,485 of 210,286. I turn it off when I do the “force re-scan” and after my new album shows up in overview I turn “background audio analysis” back on at the highest speed.

Still doesn’t explain why my new albums aren’t showing up without having to “force re-scan”?

At least I know how to get them to show up but it never happened before I switched to the ST.

Thx again for the input.

Maybe I have this wrong, but it shouldn’t take time. You’re just reestablishing a path to the folder that’s being monitored.

I’m not sure, but I’m assuming it needs to re-analyze everything. I’m fine with the way I have it. Don’t wanna risk having a full re-analyze.


Hello @Spence_Marquart,

The files from the NAS showing up in Roon is expected behavior, we rely on the NAS to inform us when changes occur and more often than not, NAS’ do not properly follow this procedure. Please see this previous discussion:

Thank you! It must be the way my NAS talks with the sonic transporter. My old setup with the core on my Windows 10 PC worked fine. I’m currently doing a background audio analysis on a huge chunk of files. Once complete, I’ll reboot my NAS to see if that helps. Worst case scenario I’ll just have to force rescan when adding new files.

Appreciate the input!


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