Adding new files - Roon loses files and rescans [Resolved - Removing switch and link aggregation]

Hi @ronfint ---- Thank you for the status update and as Mike has mentioned, my apologies for the slow response here.

Being as this behavior is continuing to manifest itself despite any of the troubleshooting tips given by other users and the Roon team members, I would strongly urge you to consider testing without the use of link aggregation. This is the one test that has not been performed yet and as stated, this would be a very good data point for us to have.

We understand that network troubleshooting can indeed be tedious, but the best approach we have found when handling these types of reports is to simplly use the process of elimination; removing complexity from the chain of communication and slowly adding the “links” back in to see where things break. Let us know how it goes.


Fair enough. This weekend I’ll remove the switch, undo LAG on my NAS, and link everything directly to my Airport Extreme.

Thanks to all — removing the switch (and link aggregation) has stabilized Roon for me. Files no longer disappear when new ones are added. Realtime updating does not seem to work, but I can ‘Force Rescan’, and new files are recognized by Roon. I’m happy with this setup.

I spoke a bit too soon. Force Rescan missed the first track on each album that I imported. I’m now doing a restart to see if that finds all the tracks.

Update – It did.